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Believe In Yourself

Self-Esteem. Confidence. Self-Respect.

Students of all ages are expected to be successful and perform their best under immense social and academic pressure everyday. It’s a testament to their strength of will that they come back and face those challenges every day.

But what’s going on underneath the surface?

Believe In Yourself VT

Childhoods Shape Adults

Research suggests that several factors from childhood affect self-esteem in adults, which means that it is important to develop Confidence and Self-Esteem as soon as possible and to nurture those traits throughout childhood and into adolescence and adulthood.

How Many Struggle With It?

In a nation-wide survey we conducted, over 40% of adults admitted they struggled in some way with Self-Esteem. That was with adults, and the numbers are much higher among our nation’s youth.

Believe In Yourself VT

Bullying and Self-Esteem

While the world-wide pandemic has brought concern for children’s mental health because of a lack of social experience, there was already an overwhelming rise in the amount of bullying that was occurring in the world prior to that. Children who bully others are often a symptom of the bigger problem that lack of Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, and Self-Respect cause.

Believe In Yourself VT

Believe In Yourself VT

Interactive, data-driven online training program, designed to boost your students’ self-esteem and confidence.

Maslow Before Bloom

Students’ needs have to be met before they can focus on learning. Josh Shaw knows from firsthand experience that helping students take control of their Self-Esteem and build the Self-Respect they deserve can change their lives.

Social-Emotional Learning seems difficult to find time to add to a teacher’s already busy curriculum, but to truly see results in that curriculum, we need to let the students see the same potential in themselves that we see in them.

Maslow Before Bloom

Student-Focused and Data-Driven

Our program is designed for students to actively participate in their own growth. This means that we provide not only an interactive experience, but give teachers, counselors, and administrators access to valuable data about student participation and growth during their time with Believe in Yourself.

Our accountability tools allow you to encourage, reinforce, and strengthen students’ connections to the experience of growing their own Self-Esteem by taking control of the process themselves.

Student-Focused and Data-Driven

Interactive and Engaging

Our program is not just a slideshow or a video – it is a Fully Interactive experience that will keep your students engaged throughout. While many programs talk at students, ours is designed to work with them to help them reach their best potential.

Interactive and Engaging

Rooted in Science

We have partnered with Dr. Jason Holland, a clinical psychologist and instructor, to develop this program. That means that the content is based in science, and the data you and your students receive is meaningful and effective.

Rooted in Science
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Empowering Youth

Empowering Youth

Josh Shaw passionately believes in helping young people realize their true potential, that’s why he developed this program. Our children are becoming the focus of a culture that tells them that they have “learning loss” and that they are somehow lacking because of the pandemic.

Believe in Yourself is designed to harness that natural energy inside of each of us and turn those negative ideas into positive action. It’s easy for young people to think that they are alone, but by helping them strengthen their sense of self-worth and Confidence, Believe in Yourself will prepare your students to face the challenges in front of them with renewed vigor and a sense of pride in who they are and what they accomplish.

Compare Believe In Yourself VT To Other Programs

Believe In Yourself VT
PROVEN techniques from all the best approaches for self-esteem
CUSTOMIZED self-help tailored to each user
INTERACTIVE format allows for user feedback & troubleshooting
EASY to use and engaging
RELATABLE examples told by real people with low self-esteem


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